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Commercial Litigation and Corporate Representation

Sonnenfeld & Richman LLP serves as a trusted consultant and advisor on a wide array of business matters to a range of individuals and companies across a spectrum of industries.  We take tremendous pride in forging a deep understanding and meaningful connection with all our clients, so we are able to address their goals in a practical, straightforward, and cost-efficient manner.  Our expertise in handling all aspects of drafting and negotiating contractual agreements across a tremendous spectrum of areas gives us the ability to leverage our proficiency for expert draftsmanship for the direct benefit of our clients.  The long- term nature of our relationships with many clients is a testament to the trust we have established and the proficiency of our representation. 

Drawing on our experience in representing large and small business, Sonnenfeld & Richman LLP is well-versed in the potential risks and rewards presented when a client must resort to commercial litigation.  We have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in litigation, including our creative use of legal procedures to manufacture an atmosphere ripe for a favorable settlement for our client. 

Our commercial clients include closely held corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, start-up companies and all other types of entities, and include one of the nation’s largest magazine distributors, real estate owners, internet start-up companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, CEO’s, senior management of fortune 500 companies, oil and gas partnerships, physicians, and partners in law firms and accounting firms. On behalf of these clients, we have successfully resolved innumerable commercial matters, in state and federal courts, including matters of contract interpretation, disputes involving rights under corporate agreements, commercial paper, business torts, and comprehensive creditor representation in bankruptcy actions. We work closely with our clients’ goals to ensure the best possible outcome while minimizing any potential risks.