Matrimonial and Family Law

Matrimonial and Family Law

With combined experience spanning more than fifty years, Sonnenfeld & Richman LLP’s matrimonial and family law practice has earned a reputation for its proven ability to successfully handle a full range of domestic relations issues.  Well known throughout the legal community for our thoughtful and creative problem solving, our highly skilled trial advocacy, litigation and negotiation techniques, our proficiency for expert draftsmanship, and our extensive experience with complex, sophisticated, multi-jurisdictional financial estates, we are well-equipped to handle the most sensitive and intricate matters.  We bring these same talents to all manners of custody disputes and have successfully guided our clients through intense custody trials, hearings, and forensic examinations across a range of jurisdictions.  There are few areas of the law as sensitive as child custody matters, and each matter is unique.  Our clients benefit from our vast experience in addressing the delicate matters involving children, parental fitness, developmental or special needs, and our proven record of having favorably resolved (whether through settlement or litigation) even the most extreme and difficult custody cases.

We strive for amicable, non-litigated resolutions, and always remain focused on the individual needs of our clients, developing unique, tailored strategies based on the short-term and long-term objectives of our clients.  Using knowledge acquired over many years of representing sophisticated clients, there is very little we have not seen, and we use that experience to help moderate and facilitate constructive results in contentious disputes.  Where a positive resolution for our clients cannot be achieved through negotiation, our attorneys are experienced, aggressive litigators, who tirelessly and fearlessly advocate for our clients at every level of State and Federal Courts, from motion practice through trials and the appellate process, as necessary.  Our track record of success in handling a wide panoply of matters across New York State, at both the state and appellate level, is well-established and something in which we take great pride. 

Our clients include distinguished professionals and leaders of varied industries, including Fortune 500 companies and senior management of financial institutions, large and small business owners, fellow attorneys, and other professionals and their spouses and partners.  We regularly provide advice and guidance to high-net worth individuals and their family members, as well as celebrities and other high-profile individuals.  Our goal as a firm is to provide personalized, meticulous attention and unwavering devotion to our clients’ needs and best interests. 

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